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Grace Harbor Farms

A little about Grace Harbor Farms

Our milk is different than 90% of milk on the shelves, and there are a couple of reasons:



Our milk is a true commodity on the shelf, it comes from a cow breed which produces something we see as close to liquid gold as you can get. This breed produces milk that even some people with lactose intolerance can drink. Grace Harbor Farms milk does not cause as much inflammation as other milk.

Our milk comes from guernsey cows, we don’t separate the milk, so you’ll be getting full fat cream top, just the way farms have been doing it for centuries.


-Full fat
-Guernsey milk



Before we talk about ourselves, we want to talk about our cows, and their wellbeing. We have open pasture access, year round for our Guernseys, who love to play outside!

We milk our cows for only 5 minutes a day, which gives them just enough time to rest before they go back out into the field. This is important to us. Keep our cows happy, and the milk tastes better, think of the happy cows in Japan.

Since we only milk for 5 minutes per cow, we have about 50 which roam the property, which keeps us in good supply, while non of our guernseys are asked to bear too much of a burden.

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